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Have you tried every diet under the sun, lost pounds, gained pounds, lost hope, and accumulated protein powders, magic pills and exercise DVDs that once were promising saviors? 

And despite all that, do you still have dreams of the next summer where you enjoy your sexy summer dress without being conscious of your belly, butt or bare arms? I don’t offer a magic pill, and no diet program.

Find trust — in your body and yourself.

I offer you a renewal of your vows with your body. I help you let go of stuck energies and emotions that have hindered you so far to follow through with losing weight for good.

Through my work, you find more energy, a spring in your step, improved loving relationships with yourself and your loved ones – and a deep appreciation for your body that you are now ready to take care of.

Discover. Transform. Live.

Hi, I’m Laura.  I always knew I was meant to be a healer.

After struggling with my own weight for more than 18 years, I recognized the deep healing available for individuals and families struggling with weight issues.  After training at the New England Institute for Systemic Constellations, I continued my education at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

I am now honored and determined to support individuals and families stop obesity patterns, lose weight for good, and live happy and healthy lives.


From my own experience with body struggles, I began to understand that resolving the underlying causes was essential to sustainable weight loss.  My signature program, “Emotional Detoxing,” combines a unique blend of systemic family constellation work, health coaching, energy healing, and soul integration.


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