It has been a while… yes, I underwent major transitions and a big move. I sold my tiny house on wheels, loaded the truck, placed the car on a trailer in the back, took son, dog, and cat, and drove 600miles South. I am pretty proud of myself to have managed all that. 😉

We are planting our roots anew! This time near Lancaster, PA.

Why Lancaster county? Because the produce season is longer than in Maine, the winters less harsh, and because I love to drive by farmers that work with horses in their fields. I love the atmosphere of rolling hills, farms, and yet knowing that I am not too far from major cities, like Philly, New York, Baltimore and Washington.

But mostly I chose this new place by listening to my gut feeling, my intuition. Crazy? Maybe. I don’t know what the future holds in store for me in this particular place… all I know though is, that I was looking for a place to plant my roots, to establish my business locally – aside from my online presence, and to find a community that is vibrant and yummy. And my gut feeling is just right whenever I think of the cute little small town Lititz, PA 10 min. North of Lancaster. Could I have found this type of town somewhere else with even more features like ocean front, or warmer climate? Of course! But my gut… it tells me that this is just it.

When did you follow your intuition the last time against better judgement? And how do you know it’s your intuition speaking?

In some old chronics and spiritual writings we can read about the early stages of our human being on earth. Back when, before the Great Flood (yes, the one with Noah), it is reported that people were able to here a sound, the sound AUM, God’s will (higher source). So wherever a person went, they knew if they were on track or not by the sound. (I sometimes wonder if tinnitus is just mistaken… lol, just kidding).

The knowing what was needed to be done came from the outside in form of a sound to our ears… We heard the truth, the will as a sound. When the Great Flood came, people had to flee, and found themselves besides other places in India… There they longed for the sound, that guided them, but the sound was lost. So they started meditating on the sound AUM by inhaling the sound, while creating it.

Intuition is our inner AUM, that once was outside of us. Intuition is when God’s will and ours are the same, match, and resonate in harmony.

How can we hear our AUM, our intuition, again? Meditation obviously is one very important way.

To me though it is less hearing and more feeling it. The gut feeling to me is a great way to really feel what is true and what doesn’t serve me. Note: I don’t say “what is right or wrong, but what is true or false”. Because we move away from what is right or wrong and towards what is true.

So the question about following your intuition turns into the question if you are living your truth.

Intuition not only informs you of what your truth is, but also requires you to act upon that knowledge. Action belongs to intuition. Your will power, that what moves you, is inherent in intuition.

What happens when you know what is true for you, but you don’t move? That is when you will feel blocked, feel stuck, get frustrated, get bored with life, lose interest, feel depressed…

I have seen people choose that unhappy state of mind over their truth, over their actions that would move them towards happiness. I have been there myself with food. I would choose food that I could feel in my body even before eating it, that it would not serve me to be happy and healthy… and yet I ate it. Why? What makes us defy life and its rejuvenating forces?

Only when we have agreed on not moving fully towards the shining light of life, when we chose death over life (yes, in the last consequence it is this radical!), then we choose actions that are not serving us…

Somehow we stay true to our choice to not live the abundant life that we wish for. Our silent, secret promises to stay with the dead, the excluded, the lost ones in our family system, these promises are powerful and keep us from following our bliss. Our entanglements, and loyalties to family members can prevent us from taking steps into living life fully.

Or trauma, traumatic experiences, and other harsh adversaries keep us stuck as we have split off a part in us, that we now long for, that we don’t want to leave behind… but don’t know how to integrate without the panic, without the pain, without the horror of falling apart.

Suddenly we wonder, what is our truth? What promise in us is our intuition serving? This is when we get confused, and learn to not trust ourselves anymore.

Can we ever know if our intuition is right or wrong?

I tell you that it doesn’t matter. We need to ask a different question, as right or wrong isn’t important anymore. When you are clear, I mean very clear, on your goal, then sit down and feel into the choices that you have. Which choice feels ripe, good, “sounds the best”? Which of your choices serves this higher goal of yours? When that radical approach scares you, find the promise, the entanglement that is holding you back.

With the clarity of where you want to end up, and the feeling of “this choice is just fun, true, bliss” you can’t miss. This is your true intuition. Don’t doubt yourself.

You can meditate on the clarity of your goal, feel what next steps will get you closer to that goal, and then follow through… Head, heart, and hand… they work together to a full abundant life.

These are my steps that I use to create my life the way I want it to be – joyful, adventurous, and filled with plenty of enriching, meaningful relations.


“Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing,

there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is too full to talk about.” Rumi