Did you know that our fat cells not only are ideal for storing toxins but also can store our emotions?!

Depending on what you have learned, how to deal with emotions, you might start eating and storing the “emotional energy” along with the nutritional energy in your fat cells.
When you then want to lose weight again, you not only release the stored toxins from these fat cells, but also the emotional energy. This is one big reason, why you feel moody, grumpy, weepy, angry, … during a “weight loss diet”. But more often than not you hit a weight plateau, because you start opening up energies, that you are not really ready to deal with.
There was a reason initially that your body started to take this on, and keep you from dealing with it… So now, that you get back to it… your body might think you shouldn’t get exposed. Yes, your physical body is a true keeper and hero wink emoticon And that is the moment, if unnoticed, that you start sabotaging your newly acclaimed eating habits, your best intentions are drowned in food – again.
Losing weight, is like shedding layer after layer of not only fat, but also stored emotions. Be prepared, and if you catch yourself sabotaging your weight loss, take a closer look. What is so scary? What is so sad?
At best, work with a coach or healer who knows how to release these energies with you.
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