What People Are Saying...

Working with Laura is amazing!! I had never heard of constellation work before meeting her but had so many light-bulb moments during our sessions about my past, who I am now, and who I am meant to be.  I was really able to release blocks I had been carrying for years and gain some real inner peace. I am still shocked by how it all works but she is absolutely gifted and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again. I left every session feeling great and I know that what I learned with her will have a profound impact going forward.  Thank you Laura!
– Sarah, Chicago

Laura is an incredible coach. She was able to truly help me understand my family dynamics in a way that no other coach has been able to do. Her exercises are unique and powerful and her demeanor is genuinely kind and supportive. I’d recommend Laura to anyone that’s looking to heal deep family wounds.  Heidi S., Boston, MA, USA

Laura, I cannot begin to tell you how powerful and meaningful our session was for me. The connections you helped me see in relationship to my eating patterns was unbelievable. I feel confident and comfortable now to let go of beliefs that aren’t mine knowing that I won’t be disappointing or hurting anyone by doing so. Thank you for broadening my horizons and helping me understand that it’s ok to walk my own journey. You are amazing and I cannot wait to meet you in November!!!!!   Fabiola Baylon, San Diego, CA, USA

Thank you Laura for our skype meeting today,and for your amazing insight, your unique and supportive approach to clearing and releasing emotional blocks, you are very gifted and incredibly intuitive, the process is quick and very powerful,I am already feeling lighter and less weighted down by the old energies I have carried for a long long time. I look forward to moving ahead and standing fully in my new self. I am feeling very blessed. Namaste.   Tracy Cartwright, New Zealand

Hello Laura! It was a pleasure working with you the other day.  I found your approach holistic, and incredibly refreshing.  I’ve known for a long time “it’s not about the food,” and it was wonderful to work with someone who really understood that.  Our time together clarified some family dynamics that I’d never before considered in years of counseling.  It was both moving, and very meaningful.  Thank you.   Sarah C., MI, USA

Laura brings a deep humility, her true love for life and learning, a transcontinental experience, a sense of adventure and having been a Waldorf teacher and a mother, to her work. Her work is rooted in kindness, creativity and truly wholesome.  She is strong.  I would trust Laura to facilitate any field of trauma.  I have witnessed her strength stand in a field that is stuck in powerful negativity and stand there and figure out what it needs, until it shifts.   Her strength, wisdom and humility bless any field she is in.

I have struggled with my weight for twenty years.  I personally was not at a time in my life where I could focus on weight loss but I wanted to focus on the issues that came up on a weekly basis around my weight.  So a friend of mine and I committed to bi-monthly meetings and we worked with one another every other week in one of our fields.

I found that the stress and overwhelm that accompanied my weight issues dissipated; the root began to heal.  It is not that I don’t have moments of despair when the seasons change and I feel uncomfortable in my clothes but it is a surface and fleeting experience. I feel lighter and at peace with myself, my body and where I am at in this moment.

I just recently visited with an old friend and she has lost a significant amount of weight on the HCG program but it made me terribly sad to understand that while she lost the weight she was not able to truly be in her body and this wonderful weight loss because her overweight field had not been cleared.  Here she was enjoying this wonderful weight loss but there was a part of her that didn’t see how much she has lost and the transformation.  This has happened to me before having invested in and lost 100 lbs three different times.  I would get close to my weight loss goal and be close to my right sized body but I could not feel it or see it; only in photos in hindsight.

This experience has made me understand the place constellation work has in any weight loss program.  It is hard work to lose weight. It takes focus and commitment to lose weight and change behavior patterns but I could never hold those new patterns because my energetic patterns where still overweight.

Love yourself and work with Laura to clear the way for a grounding, healing walk to wholeness and living in your right sized body, one that empowers your spirit.  Jessie Peck, Tenants Harbor, ME, USA,

Dear Laura,

about a week ago you took me through the incarnation ritual. It was an amazingly powerful experience!!! Right afterwards I fell asleep, and it seemed my sleep was still part of the ritual. I was for sure processing more while resting. Since then I have been organizing and cleaning my apartment, which was one of the blocks that I couldn’t overcome before.

The cleaning and decluttering didn’t exhaust me as much as usual, but gave me energy!

Furthermore, I just realized that I am not taking my stomach medication any longer, because my pain is gone. I first cut the portion in half, and I have been without medication for the past 4 days. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and look forward to more sessions with you!  S. from Germany

Thank you, Laura! I absolutely loved the session! It helped me see where some of my pain is, and certainly where I need to send more love and do more opening. Overall, I feel lighter, more relaxed in my whole throat chakra area. […] I would definitely like to do some more work with you.  I [can tell] there’s a lot of pain in the family connection, [and] expectations on myself. I was […] surprised that I felt like I carry a little survivor’s guilt [from] my ancestors, and the expectations that I then place on my life because of it. I thank you so much.  Jessica O., Washington D.C., USA

You are very gentle, and straight forward. Your approach to healing is just just what I have been yearning for. Thank You so much for the work we did today. I am very pleased with what we achieved. I wanted to tell you that I am very intrigued by the work you do, and I cant wait to peel back more and more layers of the onion that is me. Love and Light!  Sarah K., Washington State, USA

I really enjoyed Laura’s class, I learned how to release past issues that I didn’t realize were present in my subconscious. I loved this healing technique.  -Eugenia Magill

Laura has assisted me with a deeper level of understanding of myself. She was caring yet able to be direct, and to the point with questions that opened possibilities for new points of view. Laura is highly skilled with constellation work. Thanks Laura!  – A.H., psychotherapist

I did not really know what to expect and went in with an open mind as I have never heard about Systemic Constellation Work before. I feel something really powerful happened here tonight and it’s really amazing how our connections with our family, and the connections of our family lines to the others effects us. It really is a chain effect. I felt that healing occurred and we all walked a few miles in someone else’s shoes, seeing things from their perspective. In a sentence: It was wild!  – Liz from Meetup

Laura did an amazing job facilitating the family constellation. It was such an amazing and cathartic and healing experience. I am so glad I participated.  – Gesine Weller-Jett