Dear Friends,
I hope you had and still have a wonderful summer?! I have just returned from the annual National Systemic Constellations Intensive in Connecticut – inspired and ready to offer many workshops this year. For starters, I would like to invite you to a one-day workshop in the Portland-Freeport area on August 17, before school starts.
It’s the time of year when we slowly refocus from the slow days of summer to the needs of fall and the second half of the year. Do you know this longing for new clothes, a makeover, when the summer gets to an end? You may remember that “back-to-school” shopping from back when. Is it still there? Even if you don’t have children or go to school, this habit ingrained and trained in our early years may still urge you to “do something”.
How about an emotional cleansing and family dynamics makeover? No, I don’t offer new mother-in-laws or improved spouses, but more patience, greater peace within you and with who you are, with your family members, crazy or not. By looking at your family system you can reveal hidden dynamics, transform them, and find a new resolution picture that allows love and life to flow freely.
Would you like to get to know my work, but don’t know if systemic constellation work in a group setting is for you? Come as a participant and experience yourself the empathic and safe atmosphere of my workshops. Since we work by fully being in the present, connected, and grounded, you will feel your heart forces activated. Just by observing or representing in the constellation of another participant you will realize that we are all quite connected, with very different issues, but similar longings… Wanting to be loved, to experience peace, to be allowed to live life fully, to be connected, to be worthy, to feel safe… Being a witness and part of the other’s process is already a gift. As a participant you pay $30 for the day, vegetarian lunch included.
Would you like to jump right in and have that makeover for your soul? Wonderful! Make sure you secure your spot right away as there is only a limited number of constellations we can serve in one day.   You don’t have to bring any family members, unless you would like your spouse to witness the process and support you. He or she is invited to participate for free! The “personal constellation ticket” is yours for $100.
Join us on Sunday, August 17, and be part of beautiful transformations. Secure your spot by registering here, or send me an email to
With a sunny heart,