Emergency Care or Spiritual Muscle Training?

Do you know the difference between a psychic, or energy healer (the one where you lay down on a table, and the healer does the work for you) and a spiritual therapist/ coach/ doctor? Why we may end up with a psychic or energy healer in the first place is often because... read more

Where Did You Leave Your Life?

Where Did You Leave Your Life? Especially women tend to leave their lives at the entrance to motherhood, marriage, or earlier when becoming a daughter. Are you one of these women who gave up their life for others, and who wants to start living for yourself now? Are... read more

When Weight Grieves

When Weight Grieves The mystery of weight… Every day in my work with clients I am in awe of the many different ways we choose weight to help us overcome trauma, emotions, fears, grief etc. I will share with you here and there motives for weight. Today, I have... read more

Can Mexican Food Keep You From Heartache?

A few months ago, I worked with a client, let’s name her Alice, who was stumped as to why she couldn’t lose weight. She had tried a lot, was eating already very healthy, and still didn’t lose her weight. In addition to that, she couldn’t... read more

Why Weight Plateaus?

Did you know that our fat cells not only are ideal for storing toxins but also can store our emotions?! Depending on what you have learned, how to deal with emotions, you might start eating and storing the “emotional energy” along with the nutritional... read more

Is Food Your Best Friend?

How is your relationship to food? Is it a hot, passionate, sizzling one, or more a hate-love relationship? Do you see food as your friend and savior, the shoulder to cry on whenever you are not at peace? Or do you treat it as a side gig to your life – it better... read more

“I feel safe when I feel stuffed!”

There was a time in my life that I got nervous when I left the house without a snack in my bag. I still watch myself buying food whenever I travel… and I can easily recall the hunger pang that hits me, whenever I sit in a train and it leaves the station…... read more

How To Follow Your Own Truth

It has been a while… yes, I underwent major transitions and a big move. I sold my tiny house on wheels, loaded the truck, placed the car on a trailer in the back, took son, dog, and cat, and drove 600miles South. I am pretty proud of myself to have managed all that. 😉... read more

The Myth of the Self-Made-Man

Since I have been digging deep into “marketing” these days, I am on the radar of many really interesting people who want to part with their knowledge – if I part with a bit of my money. I wouldn’t mind either as their information and training,... read more

Life Passes Through You

REVERENCE FOR THE GREATNESS OF LIFE Many of our difficulties stem from the fact that we treat our parents as though life came from them rather than through them; as though it were in the hands of our parents to bestow life, to posses and bestow life. This is really a... read more

Melting – Summer Thoughts

The melting of our ice caps is a process that is a strong reminder, how melting works. Through warmth and light the ice is slowly thawing, layer after layer. It softens, turns from solid to liquid, and the stored memory of ancient times drips back into the ocean of... read more

Back-to-School Workshop

Dear Friends, I hope you had and still have a wonderful summer?! I have just returned from the annual National Systemic Constellations Intensive in Connecticut – inspired and ready to offer many workshops this year. For starters, I would like to invite you to a... read more