Meet up!! Come and be part of the group!
Happy New Year 2006

Constellation work done in a group, with plenty of representatives offers the greatest benefit, and carries the most potential for healing and profound solutions.

Please join, be inspired, take part as a representative, and build with me strong, trusting, heart centered communities!

The Meetups are 2-3 hrs. gatherings, often centered around a topic. We are welcoming guests and new members, experienced constellators and newbies. Simple, yet profound exercises can offer you a glimpse of this amazing work. Individual constellations are possible as well!

in Maine: Systemic Constellations for Healing and Growth, Maine in Freeport

in Connecticut you can choose from

Family & Systemic Constellation Meetup – Connecticut,  in Fairfield

or Systemic Constellations for Healing and Growth, CT in Woodbury