Starting in Connecticut and Maine in Jan. 2015! Three locations, three new groups with limited spots. Early-Bird-Specials available!!   —Freeport, Maine Fairfield, CTWoodbury, CT

After going pregnant with this idea for about a year – obviously pregnancies take their time – I am ready to announce this unique and life-changing program!!

Emotional Detoxing With Laura is all about addressing the underlying, emotional/ systemic issue to weight and unhealthy eating habits. This program will help you get to the root(s) of your weight issues, and shift old beliefs. It supports you along the way for 10 weeks, and celebrates with you your achievements. Most importantly it is in-person. So you will actually receive the positive energy of a real group, real people, and my real self. No cyberspace, virtual, make-believe weight loss program! After all the weight is for real, too. :-)

If you are ready to really, truly shed those pounds in 2015, I am there to support you on the emotional and mental level. Don’t be fooled! This will be deep, profound constellation work combined with inspiring goal setting techniques that I have learned from my coaches and mentors. I went through it myself and lost 60lbs, and I have used these techniques with clients and students successfully.

Learn more about this thorough, in-person, 10-week-porgram, and share your thoughts. Click here to check out my Emotional Detoxing video.

Lots of love for this holiday season!