Emotional Detoxing

3 Months Intensive

-the supplement for the soul to clear and transform emotional baggage.


Do you experience

  • that you eat emotionally?
  • that you don’t seem to make progress in your weight loss even though you have all possible knowledge and tools to be empowered?
  • that  you do great in the beginning of a lifestyle change, but falter eventually, or fall off the band wagon repeatedly?
  • that you suffer from an eating disorder, and would benefit from addressing the deeper emotional/ psychological component?

Through my signature 90-Day-Program Emotional Detoxing  you transform your emotional blockages that sabotage and hinder a successful, sustainable weight loss. My transformative work on the emotional body gives you a greater leverage for an effective treatment to be empowered on all levels of your being.

I support the emotional aspect of weight loss.

As a person who has struggled with excess weight myself, and in my experience as a coach and former school teacher, I recognize that the psychological and underlying causes need to be addressed for successful weight loss. They often seem to originate from hidden or even overt dynamics in the family of origin, from hindering beliefs, or from unsolved traumatic experiences and trauma.

I believe that addressing, and uncovering these causes in a safe and loving environment helps you to become free of your unhealthy life habits. In my experience, re-conditioning strategies don’t last long-term. Changing lifelong core beliefs is essential for a more full recovery.

I am very much looking forward to being part of your journey!



Emotional Detoxing for Sustainable Weight Loss

Emotional Detoxing for Sustainable Weight Loss

Have you been trying to lose weight for years, or tried to maintain it – but didn’t succeed in the long run? Don’t blame your will-power! And don’t give up!

There is more to your weight than just the physical aspect, the counting of calories, or your potential will-power.

Discover and transform your emotional baggage that has manifested in body fat. Layer by layer, you free and reconnect with your vital, healthy, beautiful self. You will love letting go of excess weight and taking care of your new self!


  • Resolve your reasons for emotional eating and excess weight.
  • Reach your weight goal with less struggle and resistance.
  • Become free of self-sabotaging actions.
  • Regain trust in yourself, and experience “I can!” as a true statement.
  • Let your inner beauty shine through, and become even more attractive by knowing your self-worth.
  • Experience the joy of being inside your body, feeling grounded, but not burdened.


  • Initial Discovery Session à 90min (value $250)
  • 5 Baggage Transformation Sessions à 60-90min (value $1,000)
  • 3 Fine-tune Your Diet Sessions à 30min. (value $300)
  • Priority email support for burning questions  (priceless)


  • Food-Mood-Journal and Emotional Detoxing Workbook (value $59)
  • 1 Effective-Goal-Setting Session of 60min (value$150)
  • New You Celebration and Ritual at end of program of 60min (value $150)

Total Value $1909

Your investment:  $1400 paid in full, or three payments of $550 each.

This is my most comprehensive and most ambitious program. I can only recommend it, if you are committed to start a new lifestyle right now, and ready to face your unknown emotions, and challenge your habits.

Contact me for a free consultation call, and find out, if Emotional Detoxing is for you!