Holistic Health Coaching


When it comes to the “right diet” to lose and maintain weight, and to regain health and vitality everyone has an opinion…

I believe that each of us is so unique that we need our very own, individualized diet.

  • Some of us need more meat than others.
  • Some of us prefer raw produce over cooked meals.
  • Some of us swear that juicing is their elixir. Others desire the fiber and rather drink smoothies.
  • Some of us can tolerate dairy, others are highly sensitive to gluten…

The list could go on and on. You get the picture.

So in my health coaching we will find out what is best for you at this time in your life, considering

  • your bio-individuality – a word coined by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Looking at your very individual setup and needs.
  • the seasons as they determine if it is time to detox the liver, or time for more warm comfort food.
  • your local customs, availability of food as local is often better for our system and the environment.
  • your budget
  • your daily demands, and time for cooking. There is a time for everything, time for a slow cooked meal and time for the quick after-work dinner.
  • who else you cook for – as family members have their own ideas…
  • etc.

And while we are at it, we will have a look at other ways that nourish you:

  • your relationships
  • your work and success
  • your exercise
  • your spiritual life
  • your sleep
  • your creativity and play


Depending on your needs and goals, I have created different packages of various lengths for you.

  • Single Individual Sessions – 90 min. – $249
  • 4 Sessions – 60-90min – scheduled any time within 10 months – $647
  • 3-months Holistic Health Coaching – 2 sessions per months – $269/month
  • 6-months Evolving Health  – $225/month

Which package is right for you? Schedule a FREE consultation call with me, and we can discuss what fits your lifestyle, needs, and health goals.

Click HERE to schedule.

If you would like to start, and get a sense of what you could shift for a more balanced diet, for losing or maintaining your weight, just hop on over to my online scheduler and reserve a FREE 20-min call with me. We will assess where you are at right now, what your goals are, and how you can get there.

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