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From Normal To Healthy

Are you used to reoccurring headaches, stomach aches, bloating, gas, acid reflux? Do you have trouble sleeping? And when you get up in the morning, do you feel as tired as before you went to bed?

Did you know that the swollen joints, and the rashes, the fatigue and lack of focus are common for people over forty, but not healthy?

When you ask colleagues and friends you might think that all these little aches and pains are a common, normal occurrence of your age. And you are right. So many people in our Western society live with this, that we forget that normal is not healthy.

Healthy is…

Healthy is to feel energetic, feel rested after a night’s sleep, have regular bowl movement, no bloating or gas or reflux, and to have the full range of motion.

Healthy is to look forward to tomorrow, to love to move your body and to feel passionate about what you do – may it be a hobby or your work.

Yes, you can have that too!

Evolving Health helps you over a course of 6 months to reclaim your stamina, your vitality and energy.

This program takes you step by step through improving your food choices, and your lifestyle habits. It rekindles your inner passion for life, and for your relationship to yourself, and thus to others.

Don’t settle for normal, choose healthy today, and make your annual checkup a celebration of your health. 

Meet Normal:

Mike’s blood work showed that he was pre-diabetic and his cholesterol was too high… His BMI defined him as obese, and he couldn’t remember a day when he had felt energized after waking up. He was frustrated as his doctor recommended yet again to lose weight to prevent a further decline of his health. He was frustrated because he had tried to lose weight already many times… But either he really couldn’t stand the diet, it was too complicated and time consuming during a work week, or he rebelled and decided to just enjoy life – even if it was shorter than expected.

Sue decided to go for the healthy option for lunch, the salad with low-fat dressing, and chicken. While she was handling the tray she could feel her skin on her hands tighten. She had another breakout of eczema… and her allergies were back in season. She knew that healthy choices helped her get back on track, but this year was different. She was lacking energy, and only craved sweet and fatty foods, fast foods. She usually treated herself to a latte and a pastry during her 3pm low, and before going home she would get take out. Cooking lately didn’t seem appealing. She was too tired after work.

Does this sound familiar to you?

I could come up with many more stories and reports of Mr. and Mrs. Normal of the Western culture and product of the Standard American Diet. People like you and me, suffering through life, taking pills over the counter to get rid of symptoms but not of the causes. We are told to expect a decline of health and vitality after 40… and we believe that is the only way.

But I am here to tell you that this is not the only option.

In Evolving Health we can reverse symptoms that you thought would stay with you from now on. By adding in quick and colorful dishes, some tonics and superfoods we can help your body get rid of its toxic load and inflammation. Depending on your preferences and your bio-individuality we add in more healthy fats and veggies.

“Let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine.” ~ Hippocrates

Step by step we will uncover underlying emotional causes for overeating and cravings. We will improve your emotional stability, and mental focus.

There are side effects to Evolving Health:

  • Your relationships to family members, spouses and partners may improve.
  • You may discover new flavors and try out new recipes.
  • Your connection to yourself is strengthened which can lead to an increase in happiness and the need to smile.
  • The overwhelming need to dance, sing, jump and run for no reason has been reported as well.

Start today by taking the first step to greater health and happiness, and schedule a FREE 20min. consultation with me, Laura Ghedina, your Soul Body Health Coach, INHC.

Evolving Health is my most comprehensive program yet, as it gives you the time to really implement new habits and see your body change.

Evolving Health six months include:

  • 12 Health Coaching Session (60 min.), two per month
  • recording of the session, and written action steps
  • weekly emailed recipes and kitchen hacks for easy implementation
  • unlimited email support

Price $224/ month, or $1,196 paid in full ($148 savings)

A lot can happen in 6 months! But it can only happen if you take the first step today.

Schedule your FREE 20min. Session NOW 


Laura Ghedina Bio for Evolving Health

My most favorite “Yes, but…”

“It’s not the right time for me now. There is this friend’s wedding/ grandma’s birthday party/ my promotion/ our anniversary… coming up in 4 weeks. Maybe later!”

Trust me, I not only have heard it all, but also been there myself… Until I decided that I was old enough and had been through enough Holiday gatherings, family events, and birthday cakes to survive missing the next one. Seriously, how many more casseroles, pies, and cheesecakes do you need to accept that there is never a time in your life that will be so boring as to decide you can make a lifestyle change? Because Evolving Health is NOT a diet. We are talking real changes here, these happen right there at your kitchen table, in your favorite restaurant, and during your cousin’s wedding! Your life is happening anyway, you might as well enjoy it in full health, with increased energy and a big smile. Start here.

“My partner won’t do it with me. And this makes it really hard for me to implement any changes. I have tried it, but he/she keep complaining and asking for our regular food…”

Yes, our dear enabling partners. So you just kindly blame your declining health on him/her? Before you have to face your own resistance to change you rather hide in your partner’s complaints? Sorry for these blunt words. But when it comes to owning your responsibility and owning your health, I am very direct. It is up to you, and has always been up to you since you left your parents home. You are in charge of your body and your happiness.

On a kinder note, I know that there are wonderful dishes and recipes even for the hardcore sugar addict, veggie-hater, and change-phobic family member (these are family tested and approved 😉 ). We just take it step by step! That’s why Evolving Health is 6 months long. We all know that true change doesn’t come overnight. And we don’t want to alienate anyone. One step in the program is to get family members on board and to enlist them as supporters. I have worked as a teacher… I am a certified family whisperer. 😉 Schedule a FREE consultation here and let’s find out if we are a match.

I don’t have the money to buy healthy foods let alone enroll in a paid program.

Yes, I hear ya. And I am the first to acknowledge that this is a sad reality for way too many people in our “first world countries”. There are a few options however,

  • calculate all your medical expenses of last year, and imagine you could spend this money on healthier food this year by taking small steps with Evolving Health and implementing better food choices…
  • Learn about the dirty dozen and how to get the most for your money by connecting to local farmers.
  • Enroll together with a friend and get the 25% discount for each of you – or a 50% discount for yourself.
  • Organize a group of likeminded friends and as the organizer get the program for free.
  • schedule a FREE 20min. consultation with me here and see if the program is really that out of reach.

If this is what you really need to do, Evolving Health will be in your financial reach. Trust me.

Make Healthy Your New Normal. I look forward to hearing from you!