How is your relationship to food? Is it a hot, passionate, sizzling one, or more a hate-love relationship? Do you see food as your friend and savior, the shoulder to cry on whenever you are not at peace? Or do you treat it as a side IMG_1607gig to your life – it better be there when you are hungry, pronto!, but for the rest you forget about it?

Yes, we have so many ways to relate to food – just like we relate to people.

Watch out for the food that makes you feel needy, that whenever you see it, you think you can’t live without.

I used to be in love with chocolate and cake. I also lived next to a bakery in Germany… Every single day I passed that bakery, I would argue with myself, if I could resist the calling of the cake…

These days I can still catch myself falling into that needy-trap. But I now have techniques on hand that I use to step out of this type of conversation between me and food. So what can you do in these “I-need-you-now!”-moments?

1.) When the yearning hits, the impulse to buy and devour is too strong… then I ask myself what emotion, experience I want to “feed” with that cake/chocolate/bag of chips… What is it, that I am not acknowledging.

I name that emotion and/or that need. For me it is often being tired. When I am tired but believe I still need to keep going… then food is my savior, motivator, energizer, and stress releaser… Obviously not a clever solution…

2.) What other solutions are there that will help me work through my emotion or serve my need?

Once I understood that I wasn’t hungry, but tired… I took a nap! And upon waking up, I would drink a big glass of water to get my system going again.

However, naps aren’t always an option. I learned a few acupressure points that I press to get energized again. And movement helps. So the walk to the fridge alone is probably often a helpful “pick-me-up” lol. Of course, water is huge in re-vitalizing sleepy organs. Some choose tea or coffee… but I was trying to think outside the box and come up with other ways to stay alert, and that wouldn’t affect my body negatively.

3.) If I can’t find another way out to serve my need or appease my emotions… well then, I will just ask myself which food will make me feel happy, and whole again. But truly listen to your body! Is it something savory, or sweet, or just salty, or fruity, …? And then find a healthy recipe to make you happy. 😉

I started having “approved” recipes and ingredients at hand, that I knew could be good for my soul AND my body.

There are many other ways to deal with a craving crisis. Some causes are truly physical. You could be missing important minerals and nutrients that your body is trying to get through alerting you.

As in my example of passing a bakery daily after work… I started a habit. I trained myself like Pavlov’s dog to salivate whenever I saw and smelled the bakery. Breaking habits takes some time (actually at least 30 days) and perseverance.

But more often then not you will probably find an emotion, and some unfulfilled needs that stand behind this craving. Some emotions and needs are easy to hear, and to acknowledge. However, there can be emotions that are really hard to name… it might just be an odd feeling in your stomach, or an uncertain restlessness. That’s where you want to dig deeper and find out if these emotions are related to experiences of your childhood, of your parents, or other ancestors.

My signature 90-Day-Program Emotional Detoxing addresses ALL these areas. We make sure

  • your physical body has what it needs,
  • your habits are serving you – and if not, we have enough time to implement new ones
  • your emotions are heard, and you know how to listen to your soul and body.
  • your past experiences, and the experiences of your ancestors, are resolved.

This way you can be present to your very own, and create your personal favorite future self.

Send cravings, hunger pangs, night binges, and all these “need-you-NOW”s away. You deserve better.

Your relationship to food can be so much more! Let’s make it a mature, compassionate, committed relationship. 😉

You want to know how? Connect with me personally, and discover the many possibilities.

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