Kickstart Change

Where can you be one month from NOW?

This is your fresh start, a serious concrete overhaul – of your underlying causes for your weight, so that you can celebrate all seasons with healthy life choices and love yourself no matter what size you are in.

Kickstart CHANGE is a one month program to set you up for success and health.

This kickstart is a beginning into your new life, not the end. It is providing you with a vision, the right mindset that you are in for the long run. And it releases your biggest emotional blocks that have kept you in a big body. First lifestyle changes set you up for successfully entering a new phase in your life.

Summer is coming… and for me that always meant to rush into another diet, only to give up after a few days, maybe a week… try again… bargain some other deal with myself… and to eventually resign by hiding the sleeveless dress and the tank top in the depth of my closet. I refused to go to the local beach or public pool where my students would meet me, and I felt embarrassed to be seen in a bathing suit. I never wore skirts that ended above my knee, because I was highly self-conscious of my chubby knees. I wore lose fitting clothes to hide my belly. When the world was showing bare skin, I was self-consciously hiding… and shaming myself with unkind self-talk. I was just waiting for fall to start!

But with my new found self-confidence and love for myself, I just glow. I LOVE every single part of my body, love to make healthy choices, and know I am in this for the long run. I don’t look like a magazine model? Yes, because I don’t photoshop, and I am on a journey where I enjoy the ride and not postpone my life until arrival.

YOUR Summer 2016 can be different!

There was a reason why my diets didn’t work for years. And there was a reason why this one diet was possible for me! No, it wasn’t the diet itself. Diets don’t work per se!

It was my ability to emotionally deal with change! With the change in my physical weight, my change in eating habits, and my releasing of emotional burdens that I had been carrying for years that were reflected in my physical weight.

I don’t offer a magic pill or fad diet. But I do offer you a fresh start, a serious concrete overhaul – of your underlying causes for your weight, so that you can celebrate all seasons with healthy life choices and love yourself no matter what size you are in.

This Kickstart CHANGE one month Program starts you off on the right foot, gives you a clear advantage over thousands, millions of women who are starting yet another fad diet and fall for the “Get Ready for Your Beach Belly Season” talk.

In four steps and four weeks, I prepare you not only for this upcoming summer, but for the rest of your most delicious, sexy life:


STEP #1  Taking Inventory

Let’s face it, we can’t go anywhere when we don’t know where we are right now. So let’s take inventory on what we have – on all levels:

Physical Body: With a work sheet you will take measurements. Your weight in pounds is actually the least interesting measurement. We also want to know circumferences of certain parts of your body, we will take pictures, and note what size clothing you are wearing.

Habits: You will track your food intake for a week in a food journal as well as list the amount of beverages, sleep and exercise.

Emotions: Our excess weight often carries layers of underlying causes, and unconscious emotions. I have developed an exercise to specifically uncover where along the weight scale you have trapped emotions. I will guide you through this exercise, and we define the layers that want to be seen and healed.

Mindset: With my handbook you set effective goals that you track for the next weeks. You want your mind to be on board with the changes that are about to come.

STEP #2 Releasing Trapped Emotions

Now that we know where your emotions sabotage weight loss, we will dig deeper and resolve and release emotional burdens, beliefs, and what else we can find.

Just by lifting the load off your shoulders with this work – systemic constellation work – you feel already lighter, happier and are much more prepared to start implementing a new lifestyle.

STEP #3 Crowding Out

The best way to get rid of old, unhealthy habits, is to not restrict them, condemn them and call them names… but by calmly implementing new habits. We crowd the old ones out, because the new ones will make you feel so much better.

New habits address healthier meal choices, better sleeping habits, a more balanced work-play-love triangle, and lots of self-care practices. Every new lifestyle habit is customized to your needs and longterm goals.

STEP #4 Committing to a new YOU

Nothing could be worse than starting something with vigor and than not following through. This step is designed to prepare you for the moment when old habits rear their ugly heads, and you lose your vision.


Every week you get a personal coaching session with me for 60-90min. via an internet video chat. The sessions can be recorded.

You also get my handbook Setting Strong Intentions for Health and Happiness, and a 30min call to get crystal clear goals that work for you.

You will need a journal. And you ideally have a webcam, headset and a strong internet connection. But don’t worry. We can probably deal with what your computer already offers.

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