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SLS announcementUpcoming – Silver Linings Storybook – my chapter Walking With Weight –

In the Silver Linings Storybook I am sharing my story about how I have struggled with weight all my life, and what it took for me to learn to see my weight as what it is: a teacher on my way to physical health as well as inner soul health.

You can read my chapter Walking With Weight soon!! You can pre-order the book here!



Marc Baco, a German facilitator of systemic constellation work, wrote a book on obesity and how systemic constellation work can help uncover and transform underlying issues that a regular diet can’t, and that often don’t get touched upon in therapy sessions. I have translated this book from German to English as it is a wonderful compilation of case studies that can be extremely informing and helpful to my clients. You are welcome 😉

hard copy can be purchased on createspace – here

the ebook, kindle edition on Amazon – here


Enjoy listening to this radio show where I am interviewed about the concept behind my Emotional Detoxing program. I talk about what is needed in our current approach to stop the obesity pattern. – March 2015

Family Matters Show with host Johanna Lynn and Guest Laura Ghedina

Why emotions rule?! Listen here to an interview about the causes of emotional eating and body weight. The host, Lauren Jean, has me as a guest in her podcast series on emotional eating. – August 2015

Emotional Detoxing With Laura hosted by Lauren Jean on Mommacast

This is an interview with the host Rhonda Harrison from BlogTalkRadio. Here I am talk about the more spiritual components of my work. – September 2015

BlogTalkRadio – Interview


A teaser video/ interview by Linda Comeau about my presentation at the 2015 North American Systemic Constellation Conference in San Diego in Nov. 2015

“Why Weight? Discover What You Are Carrying!”

How to survive the Holidays? Another great show with Lauren Jean at Mommacast. We talk about what to do before you grab that sweet treat, and why you may crave fatty foods… – November 2015

Food and the Holiday Season with Lauren Jean on Mommacast

My presentation on Why Weight? Discover What You Are Carrying at the 2015 North American Systemic Constellation Conference in San Diego, CA was mentioned in many national media outlets. You can read about it here.  – November 2015

It was meant for a lovely Facebook group of one of my business coaches, Sarah Cohn. But the content is so important, I don’t want you to miss it. – December 2015

“How Your Body Keeps You Alive With Excess Weight”