What do I recommend to my clients?

Only books that I have read myself, and decided they are a great addition to your book shelf – or kindle.

THUMBNAIL_IMAGEMarc Baco, a German facilitator of systemic constellation work, wrote a book on obesity and how systemic constellation work can help uncover and transform underlying issues that a regular diet can’t, and that often don’t get touched upon in therapy sessions. I have translated this book from German to English as it is a wonderful compilation of case studies that can be extremely informing and helpful to my clients. You are welcome 😉

hard copy can be purchased on createspace – here

the ebook, kindle edition on Amazon can be purchased here



51O3m6jHZUL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Tame Your Shame – Three steps to overcome your feelings of inadequacy! A great tool to let go of embarrassing moments that haunt you, and cripple your ability to move on. The author is trained in Non-Violent Communication, uses the Byron Katie method, and has lots of experience in self-development. She developed the presented method herself, to heal herself from shame attacks. I am glad she is now sharing her insights, knowledge and wisdom with the world.

This book provides you with clear action steps, categorizes shame events as not all shame is created equal, and is personalized with the author’s own story.
Read here.



The Constellation Approach by Jamy & Peter Faust is a great read for anyone who wants to learn more about the systemic thinking of constellation work and how to use it. Find their book here