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Silver Linings Storybook features my personal narrative of “Walking With Weight” where I share my trials and triumphs of battling with excess body weight while immigrating, taking a new job in a new country, and building a tiny house. I lost some, and I gained some, but what I have learned along the way is immeasurable and priceless: How to love myself.

“My energy regularly plummeted around 3pm and when I came home from work, I would pass the enticing smell of bread and cake coming from the bakery on my street. I was always able to justify treating myself with a sweet treat.”

“Walking With Weight” is one of 20 stories that tell of healing, perseverance, grief, finding yourself in the midst of turmoil, and other challenging times with silver linings.

While the book will be published mid May 2016 and you can have your printed copy in hand by June 2016, I am excited to offer you a pre-order option here.

As a gift for ordering now, and waiting until June, I promise to sign your copy and waive your shipping fee (no matter where you are). The book is priced at $34.

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  1. 30min. Soul Body Health Consultation to find clarity on your most pressing issue. Once you have placed your order, you will be sent to my online calendar to schedule the consultation. (value $100)
  2. My Favorite Recipes to Nourish Soul & Body. These are recipes that my son and I love, and that are healthy dishes, snacks, and smoothies for the whole family to lighten the day. (value $25)

BONUS for the first 20 to pre-order: “Appetite Control” Inhaler made by Angela Sidlo, aromatherapist and also co-author of Silver Linings Storybook. You sniff the special essential oil blend 30min. before you eat, and you can feel full faster. 😉 I have tried it, the inhaler is my new companion.

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Pre-Order NOW $34

My physical body, this wise and beautiful vessel of mine, was there to protect me, and to carry for me what my psyche couldn’t handle. My physical body became the permanent shoulder of comfort that I could lean on.

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