Do you know the difference between a psychic, or energy healer (the one where you lay down on a table, and the healer does the work for you) and a spiritual therapist/ coach/ doctor?

Why we may end up with a psychic or energy healer in the first place is often because we can’t seem to make headway in talk therapy sessions or with a doctor… or any other alternative or regular modern health professional.
And I agree that many of the models offered in the health field are not helping – enough, not seeing – enough. Thus a psychic can help out, right?

But what are you really looking for?
You probably resent the fact that regular health professionals only offer you a pill to subdue your symptoms, instead of getting to the underlying causes.
With someone who is trained or has the gift to look deeper, you might find amazing and fascinating information, which alone seems life changing.
But all you got so far is a diagnosis from a different point of view. Nothing has really changed. However, I agree that a diagnosis or reason for whatever ails you gives hope that there might be a cure as well.

After a diagnosis, just like with doctors there are several ways to remedy the sickness.

a) The psychic might give you some advice on what to do based on the information s/he found. But mostly they “just” provide information – from the spiritual world, the non-physical.
b) The energy healer steps in and “heals” energetically – by using their intention to bring harmony, balance, love… to the energy bodies. (Their work and doings can be based on a system, teachings, and initiation, or be a gift of the person) This can be quite sophisticated, powerful and complex. (or tragically messy, dark, dirty or plain naive)

Obviously a) feeds your curiosity, and may confirm or validate what you already suspected. You take actions based on this information with more certainty.

The energy healer who heals your underlying cause is like a surgeon removing cancer. They are brilliant! and you are in awe of their powers.

Will your condition come back? Maybe. Just like cancer it could be… or not. Why would the condition come back?
Because YOU didn’t learn how to get out of this condition yourself.
There was no learning for you involved. You didn’t practice your intuition skills while on that table or in that chair. You didn’t learn to channel good feelings and good intentions. Nor did you really learn what the block was really about (you can find healers who will talk about the causes they could find… and others won’t).

You really took the wheel chair to get to your next destination, but never learned to walk there by yourself.

I am not opposed to wheel chair traveling once in a while – especially when it is getting me out of a sticky situation for now… Just like I never take pain killers… but oh boy, I was truly grateful for them after a knee surgery. I still needed to learn to walk, but for the time being the pain killers were good.

What does a life coach, health coach or therapist do? If they are well trained, and come with healing gifts, they can close the gap and help you learn to walk.

I think, one big reason we are drawn to energy healers is that we see it is so easy and quick for them to “heal” us, to make us feel better. It’s the quick pill of the spiritually seeker. Only we become dependent on the healer. We go back to them without learning how to help ourselves.

How to help yourself, you learn with a spiritual coach or therapist. My friend Beatrice Lührig calls herself a “consciousness coach”. She helps her clients in Germany to become conscious to their energies, feelings, beliefs, and their bodies. She doesn’t work on you, but only with you. 12 years ago, I received her consciousness/ intuition training. It was my first step into the spiritual world, and into understanding that we need to build our spiritual muscles, rather than taking the wheel chair.
Since then I have met therapists and coaches, who are indeed supporting their clients to grow their non-physical muscles to connect in love with themselves and the world. To me one of the most profound techniques is systemic constellation work, and Beatrice’s intuition training. It doesn’t offer you short cuts, but also doesn’t drag the “healing” process out into a never-ending story.

I have also met inspiring energy healers, and see their place in the spiritual emergency sector where you can get a pain killer, crutch, wheel chair, or cast until you can hold yourself up, walk or are ready to face the pain.

But please know, what you are looking for. Do you want to be involved in your healing process aka personal development? Or are you looking for the quick fix?