Would you like to help me out and support my work? Then click on the link. I am conducting a market research, trying to understand what you, as a potential workshop participant, would like to receive as service.

Would you prefer workshops for half-day, or forĀ an evening to get to know systemic constellations? Or would you love an “Intensive” for a full weekend, where you can completely step out of your all-day life, make time stand still, and focus on your personal growth?

A big debate in our constellation community these days is around fees. Should we have two prices – one for a regular participant and another for a guaranteed constellation during the workshop? Or would you favor one price for all, even if not everyone gets their constellation done, but everyone “gets” something out of the workshop anyway…?

This survey will also touch the question of individual session versusĀ group workshop. What would you be interested in?


Thank you! Your input is very much appreciated!!