Systemic Constellations

What is Constellation Work?

Believe it or not, this is the hardest question, as this work is intuitive, experiential, and phenomenon oriented. Therefore, it almost eludes a distinct definition. But let me try:

in a safe and respectful group setting the client will be guided to set up key members of his/her issue or question. In a group this is done with group members representing the client’s relations. Once all representatives have been placed, they will feel into their position and often become aware of bodily symptoms, or emotions in relation to other representatives. An underlying dynamic of the system will then reveal itself.

Through simple, yet powerful sentences offered by the facilitator, a healing order will be reestablished by acknowledging what is and was. Important aspects are including missing members of the (family) system, giving back aspects (experienced as burdens) that we may have shouldered years ago as children for our ancestors out of love, and finding our rightful place in the system. Thus belonging and inclusion is offered.

We become free to live our lives deliberately, guided by our own intentions and visions. The client often experiences a sense of peace and groundedness after his/her constellation.

The application is as bountiful as there are families and relationships. In this workshop, every participant can setup “their” constellation, and/or be in service to the others by standing as a representative in other constellations. Either way you will find new perspectives, learn about yourself and your systems and go home refueled.

There is a powerful article by Leslie Hallows about “Family Constellations- Why Ancestors Matter” with John Harris in the online journal WellbeingMagazine from July 8, 2014.