Monthly Webinar Series

Deepen your understanding of a holistic view of the human body and the human development.

Thursday, March 30th

5pm PST/ 7pm CST/ 8pm EST

Life Forces & the Etheric Body

The Etheric Body is the “most dense” body of our non-physical bodies. Most of us have already perceived the etheric body, and I will show you how you can practice it.
Life Forces are elemental to our being on earth. You learn why the color green, the plants and the liver are so important when we talk about life forces.
Health Coaches are really like gardeners to the etheric body of a client. We ensure that our clients strengthen their life forces and etheric bodies. You will discover that what you have been suggesting to your clients all along has a profound impact on their life forces.
When life forces are missing, we not only feel lethargic and fatigue, we might also experience depression and anemia.

This webinar is the beginning and the basis for ongoing smaller study groups, where we will practice our observation skills, and make use of the discussed content.

Find the rerun of the webinar here.