Are you looking for a safe and loving group, in which you can grow and transform yourself and your relations?

Would you like to find a way to more happiness, peace and love within you?

Then come and enjoy the intimate yet powerful setting of a group!

Through Systemic Constellation Work -also known as Family Constellation Therapy- you get the chance to uncover hidden dynamics in your (family) system in order to transform these into new, better serving solutions. This work can be described as a “Movie for the Soul” as you witness from the outside the transformation of your most pressing concerns, traumatic experiences, or hurting relationships. This could be anything from your unfulfilling relationship with your partner, your nagging mother, your uncooperative coworker, your emotionally distant adolescent child… to name a few.

Or maybe you experience a yearning for more, although you have pretty much all “one could wish for”? You wish for feeling more alive, or less burdened?

Systemic Constellation Work can get you freed from entanglements, re-connect you with your life-forces and your deep, abundant source of love. In fact, any emotional blockage is love, that got stuck, that is hindered to flow freely. Through my work we will open and heal the passageways. You feel more loved and therefore can give love more freely as well. The potent work of systemic constellations combined with other energy work approaches heals the past, transforms the present and thus allows for a greater fulfilled future. This leads to a feeling of inner peace and gratitude towards life.

Constellation work done in a group with plenty of participants, who are willing to represent, offers the greatest benefit, and carries the most potential for healing and profound solutions. After all, we are social beings!

  • Start with a 2.5hrs workshop. I offer almost monthly afternoon workshops at the Woodbury Yoga Center, Woodbury, CT
  • Or join me for a full-day workshop. Please inquire for dates

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Upcoming EVENTS below!

Ancestral Healing: Easing Our Life’s Journey – Constellation Work with Laura

Woodbury Yoga Center 122 Westside Rd Woodbury, CT
USD 35.00